Angel & New Energy Songs


Copyright ©2006 Karen Lynn Sterkin

Angel & New Energy Songs
Table of Contents

Global Warming
Mango Tree
Father’s Day
Song of the New Energy of Earth
No Agenda
Stay in the Expanded Now
The Child Within
Love Me in You
Darling Meher
Give me Shelter!
Hangin’ with th’ Enlightened

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Global Warming

©2006 by Karen Lynn Sterkin
24 July 2006 from Angel Crystals

And Toby1 says the walls must come down
In Palestine, Africa and Korea
And if people won’t allow, they’ll come down by Gaia.

I woke up dreaming of the ocean
Will the plankton die from pollution?
(It’s) Our only [remaining] source of oxygen
Since they burned away the trees.
The frenzy for money and the sprawl of cities
Threatens to wipe out all the farmland
So where will we grow our food?
These thoughts paint Karen into a blue mood.

She steals water because she has no well
The heat wave in California is hotter than hell
The virtual dummies can sweat it out
‘til the power outages make’m shout
Is there a place to escape global warming?
When the ice melts it’s over
Until another Golden Age is dawning.

Without water the land is a desert barren
A goat, a garden, and a well for Meherkaren
To weave her songs in a safe space
While she watches the destruction
Of half the human race!
Standing behind the garden wall
Compassionately allowing it all.
Awaiting the crystal children to usher in awe
The Golden Age promised by Meher Baba.
When Karen’s songs and Miriam’s treatise2
Will be studied in schools that teach only bliss.

And Shri Shri’s 3got some old guys
Standing in the Ganges
Staring at the sun
Wondering if he’s gonna make it to Washington.

Hang in there dear one
We’re coming in soon
To bring some angelic collaboration
And to join in the celebration.

(From the Crystal children who love and adore you and who promise to sing your songs 7-24-2006.)

1 Tobias Midsummer New Energy Conference (July 15, 2006)
2 Miriam is the name of Mary Magdalene and the treatise is The Magdalene Papers published here.
3 Shri Shri Ravi Shankar is founder of The Art of Living and the International Assoc. for Human Values (IAHV) a U.N. NGO.

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Mango Tree

©2005 by Karen Lynn Sterkin

Sleeping children stir and yawn
As the rosy coral sky at dawn
Slows time down into the NOW
As we meditate never asking how.

Vigilant to please Baba we awaken each day
Keeping watch aware as His gopis at play.

Washing the laundry, cooking rice and dal
Everything was heavenly and time stood still.

Under the mango tree we sang at dusk
Hearing cow bells in harmony
Smelling incense burning with musk.

What miracle is in waiting
For God to beckon us near
How did I come to be here
With You Meher Baba my dear?

For Theda Levy
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Father’s Day

©2005 By Karen Lynn Sterkin 19 June 2005

It’s been a wonderful week
But I’m too tired to stay awake
For Her darshan.

Beautiful moon in an azure sky
Hanging over a mountain high
Among the flowering hillsides.
Lovely night follows a beautiful day
Bright California blue sky way
Painted background forms bowers
For the green trees and flowers
That stand out in riotous colors.

Unusual rain pouring down in June
Birds singing in the green trees
Keep perfect rhythm and stay in tune

How many years I’ve spent looking
For my Father’s love and approval.
I sang well this morning at the hall
‘tho The Judge in me was not pleased at all.
He was not pleased on this Father ‘s Day
So I skipped the evening talk in the head
And went to Devi Bhava instead.

Alone at the Puja, I gave Her my despair
And loneliness and resistance
To my daily singing routine.
Because of all the hearts she is the Queen
Her Nazaar can clear the air
Of blockages to abundance and care
That prevent Creative endeavor. 
I gave my heavy heart’s tremor
To the one they call Amma – the Divine Mama. 

For Elizabeth Wagoner

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Song of the New Energy of Earth

©June 2002, Karen Lynn Sterkin

Listen to the Hum of Earth’s New Energy                               Breathe in, breathe IN Your own Divinity.
I lived the New Life for the New Humanity                                I sacrifice eternally.
I came to sow the seed of Love in your hearts                         The seed of Love in your hearts
The darling Seeds of Love are giving birth                                To play in the New Energy on Earth.

As the Swing of Duality ‑ accelarates alarmingly                    accelarates alarmingly
To awaken Baba’s seed within  –                                           Breathe IN,  Breathe IN
Breathe in ‑ your own Divinity.                                               Meher          Baba

After the Hard Times of Reincarnation
Now is the time for joy ‑ Involution;
Playing in the Present NOW of Ascension
Ah what a long‑awaited celebration!

Meher the Most Fair made prophecy                                   Of a New Life and the New Humanity.
So, we thought ‑ we were going Home  ‑                               at long last      But alas!
But alas! Instead I see Meher Baba’s coming to us!              
Playing in the Present NOW of Ascension                           Ah what a long‑awaited celebration!
Now I see Meher Baba                                                          Meher Baba’s come to meet us!

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No Agenda

©June 2002, Karen Lynn Sterkin

With every thought, word, and act
Am I changing the Home of All that Is and ever was?
Spirit doesn’t know the outcome and God has no Agenda?
Just a Whim to know Who I am and what is Love.
Releasing and allowing without an Agenda,
Like dancing with a penguin or a giant panda.
New Age folks set such good intentions
For World Peace, Organic Farms, positive affirmations!
Dreams and goals with or without karma
The uniqueness of each soul’s dharma.
How to accept All that Is without goals, judgment or alteration?
Wow! Dreams and goals without an Agenda!


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Stay in the Expanded Now

©2004 by Karen Lynn Sterkin

Chorus:    Stay in the expanded now                               Lean not to port nor star ward bow.
             It’s in the NOW right here                                Stay in the present without fear.

1)     Breathe in and let yourself feel                         Worry not how your body can heal
    From all the past life waves                                 Attract the potential that most behaves
   The way you want to Be                                     You can choose now to be still and free!

2)   Do what you want to do                                   Be what you want to be
     Accept your wholly self                                       You’re the source of your abundant wealth.

3)    The past is guilt and hate                                  The future fears that suffocate
      Be in the Present NOW                                   Release the past and future fears somehow.

4)   The more you can allow                                   Accept and honor in the Eternal NOW
    The more will come to you                                  The more your treasured dreams come true.

5)   Breathe, feel, attract in the NOW                   These are the magic tools that will allow
    Your Divinity to come forth                                Miracles to reflect your own self‑worth.
     Simply breathe and accept your self                    In whatever state you find your self.

6)    Don’t fret about your health                              or struggle for abundant wealth.
       As you gaze upon a distant star                       breathe and feel who you really are

7)     You were that star you see                             Now it’s time to own your Divinity.
      It’s in the here and now                                     Stay in the present Expanded Now.

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The Child Within

©2003 by Karen Lynn Sterkin

      The Child within us all came to me and said      Get out of your head
      Be real instead
      Don’t grieve me                                                  Don’t judge me harshly
      Get out of your head                                           Let’s play instead

1)    A golden, blue‑sky white cloud dusk met         A purple pink streaked sunset
    Poetry in motion, like a lovesick dove                   Cooing a song all day long.

2)     Don’t put me down                                             I’m not a clown
      Let’s have some fun                                       You’re always on the run.

3)      Your days speed by                                        and all you do for fun
         is eat a lot of apple pie.
        You’re always on the run                                    Let’s have some fun.         (Chorus)

4)    You treat me like a pet                                   You ignore until you get
        The need for affection                                     Then you demand my attention.

5)    You invade my sanctuary                                 Then tell me I’m bad
      Sell your soul and mine for money                   Reject my play and make me sad.   (Chorus)
6)     I am the source of your wealth                        You don’t need to copy others in stealth.
       I can give you riches and fun                               Just accept Me and don’t run.
       Get out of your head                                           Be real instead.
       Get out of your head                                           Let’s play instead.

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Love Me in You

©2000 by Karen Lynn Sterkin

When you come to see that I am in all                                        Love Me in You
When you come to know my Will rules all                                  Accept Me in All
When your fear shames your Art                                  Know that I live in your heart
And all is precious my dear in you                                              Love Me in you
Know the Divine lives in you                                                          Love me In you
Keep yourself always true                                                             Love Me in you
When your fear hurts your heart                                                   I am there just do your part
To accept the One who lives in you                                             Love Me in you.
When the world hurts your heart                                                  I am there so don’t lose heart
Know the One who loves you True                                              Love Me in you.

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Darling Meher

©2001 by Karen Lynn Sterkin

Oh my Darling Meher Baba
Precious Darling Meher Baba

The whole world adores You
but they don’t know who You are
So they fight and hurt You.

Oh my darling Meher Baba
Precious darling Meher Baba

I see you in the hearts of all and in the eyes
Of those who love you.

O my darling  Lord Meher Baba

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©2001 Music & Lyrics by Benjamin Sterkin

   We look for                                                    we strive for
   The things we want                                         We fight for
   compete for                                                    and know not why.

   We travel                                                         we roam
   the whole world o’er                                           that yearning
   that burning                                                      inside our soul.

   Then, I looked within myself                              and asked for a miracle (pause)
   Then God opened in me.                                    Now wherever I go
   I am God ALSO                              Oh my darling           my darling            I love you so.

   God gave me what I wanted                                   what I asked ME for
   Now I don’t have to strive for and fight anymore
   In peace and at home I no longer roam
   I’m happy and grateful                                         God gave me all

   When, I looked within my own Soul                      and asked for a miracle (pause)
   Then God appeared to me.                                     Now wherever I go
   I AM God ALSO                     Oh my darling           my darling            I love you so.


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Give me Shelter!

©2006 by Karen Lynn Sterkin (27 Nov. 2006)

I’ve gone to all the gurus
All they’ve given is the blues
’cause my mother and sister are nuts
Wasted every cent my dad spilt his guts
Then out of cowardice and guilt
Undid everything we’d built
For centuries ‑ what a waste
To slay so many for such poor taste!

Now this Shri Shri wants to buy a home
Give me shelter for his Shanti Om
O Lord can I have some fun
Laugh and sing with no more delay
Manifest what I want today
Sing my songs with musicians and play
Build an art school where I can take birth
To learn to play my songs in mirth
Before Gaia leaves this Earth?

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Hangin’ with th’ Enlightened

©2006 by Karen Lynn Sterkin

Put a finger side your nose
Blow it out through your toes
Deep breathing in and out
From the nose, not the mouth
Hangin’ out with th’ Enlightened Ones
Much more fun than political slogans.

Shake and quake; jump up and down
While humming loudly like a clown
Break mind’s barriers ‑ shake your bun
The Enlightened Ones are so much fun!

Shake your booty and give a hooty
Jump and shout; then work it out;
Meditate to calm mind’s clamor
Care less about appeal or glamour
Or the religious fanatics harangue
Start shaking like lemon meringue.

Then reclaim your precious body
Honor your unique expression of beauty
Your dance of freedom and joy
Learn how to appreciate your SELF
From this gorgeous Enlightened boy.

(For Swami Nithyananda Paramhansa)
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