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Call for scheduled bhajans, ghazals, sing-a-long events in East Bay. "Curry Kirtan" in El Cerrito 1st & 3rd Friday nights at 8 p.m.
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For those outside the Northern California San Francisco Bay Area song lyrics from recent events are posted on my Lyrics Page and song samples in MP3 format can be found on my CDs page.
Deepest Gratitude
With deepest gratitude I dedicate this site to my guru, Lord Meher Baba. If I've sung well, whatever beauty, love, and inspiration are 100% from Beloved Meher Baba, the Divine Mother, and my music teachers. Whatever mistakes, disharmony, or offense to Beauty are my own faults. I am God's child, created in His image, and He has not finished with me yet. So please forgive whatever mistakes made in His lovely Song.

With all my heart I thank Mehera J. Irani who first asked me to sing her a "Baba song" on her porch at Meherazad. Her sweet love and presence has inspired me constantly on my journey singing to the Beloved.

To Bhau Kalchuri, Chairman of the Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust, India, I am eternally grateful for helping me out of a very "binding" place on the path - that I got into by invoking Meher Baba's name - taking the Divine Name in a vow in ignorance. Thank you dearest Bhauji for saving me and keeping me with Beloved Baba in your big heart as your selfless seva for Him.

Special thank you to Brother Eruch Jessawalla who made me promise I would not quit no matter what! Whose humble but unfailing friendship is Divine and who listened attentively to my "3 Stooges Classical Singing Debut" as if I were the best singer in the world.

Thanks Francis Brabazon for the fab ghazals in English and for the inspiration to put them to music for the world to hear your songs to darling Meher the Most Fair. You recited aloud to God-man Meher Baba in person - your only desire to please Him. I pray my singing pleases Meher Baba as much.

Thank you beloved Ammachi for your loving support of my music dedicated to Meher Baba. Thank you Divine Mother for removing the obstacles and opposition within and without. With your love and guidance, I found the strength to manifest my talents in the world to express my love for the Divine. Thank you for supporting my artistic expression to fulfill my dream/goal to sing my songs to Beloved Meher Baba in this incarnation.

With special gratitude to the great musician and music teacher Ali Akbar Khan for bringing his father's (Allaudin Khansahib) beautiful music gharana and teaching to America. The few brief years spent in his classes at the Ali Akbar Khan College gave me a glimpse of knowledge, confidence, and opened doors to music I never knew existed.

To friends and teachers on the path that I want to thank: Golden Sha in Colorado (special guide who reminds us that God is WITHIN) and Shweta Jhaveri, the wonderful singer from Gujarat (both in classical Khayal and jazz fusion styles) whose talents as a composer, singer, and teacher must be more exposed and appreciated.

With gratitude to Nachiketa Sharma (talented singer and teacher) whose beautiful CD exposes the gifted classical composer Pt. Ramashreya "RamaRang" Jha.

I am very grateful to Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan for his music, his love and support - for the incredibly happy memories singing Nusrat's quawalli with John Connor and the gang at Meher Baba's Tomb. Special hug to John Connor for forming, teaching, inspiring, and loving Meher Baba's "quawalli gopis" for years in service to Meher's Divine Song in our hearts.

Very grateful thank you to Rainer at Sienna Digital (awesome CD mastering + cover art design), Richard Michos (Shabaaz) recording studio + instrumental, and Kevin Harris (studio + instrumental mixes). The joyous but risky leap of faith and beauty of debut CDs reflect your talents, dedication, hard work and good-will.

Special hug to Mother B (Barbara Brustman) for her friendship, support, discretion, and wonderful example of wise finesse in dedicated service to Meher Baba's cause.

Dearest Song Sister Raine Eastman-Gannett thank you for paving the way for Baba musicians in the North Indian Classical and bhajan traditions. Raine's shining example of beauty and devotion in song inspired me to press on when everyone else just scoffed.

Special thanks to Jamie Newell for his wonderful songs, to Cherie Plumlee for her gorgeous design talent and loving support, to Brother Magic Beard (Hugh MacDonald) for technical, loving advice, and to Eric Solibakke for placing my song lyrics so lovingly on his Heart/Mind site.

Grateful hugs to my family for their tolerance of my song addiction that left little time for them. To my dad Benjamin Sterkin whose loving unfailing support was very dear, to my mother and sister for their wishes for my well-being and happiness, and to my step-mother. To my brother Dan Joel Sterkin (Danny) for his unconditional love and my grandmother Freida Khan for her singing Mozart arias at her home by the beach.
Divine Mother (Saraswati)
If women have other options (than giving birth), over-population can be curtailed. Over-population is directly related to women not having another choice. Educating women to earn a living in the arts or sciences provides alternatives to bearing children as the only "women's role" internationally. Other than our shared opinions about the freedom of over half the world’s souls and problems of over-population globally, we have absolutely no political involvement.

Believe in Your Dreams (For Golden Sha, in Colorado)

How can one soul ever thank another?
"Believe in your dreams," you cheer us on,
And for Mohammed, you move the mountain.
God knows what worlds of ecstasy and desire,
Your good-will and faith encourage and inspire.
So many lifetimes of delusion wasted in vain,
When five minutes with you cut me loose again.

Peace on Earth (for Shweta Jhaveri)

Tho separate Sisters in Song, we each play a role,
Share a destiny for world peace.
Seva for the Divine Mother
An aspect she wants to release;
Brotherly Love for one another
To expel fear, bring peace on earth
With your lovely, gentle songs and my mirth.