World Music
New Age Music, Sufi Music, Ghazals

Celtic Music, Love Songs, Bhajans
Spiritual music is the universal language of love that can unite people's hearts. When cultures meet and barriers breakdown, innocents suffer while opponents fight for a misunderstanding of God. We have a choice now. We can bring down the unity of God's love for all His children in creation. Devotional music can serve to bring a new understanding of cultures for world peace faster than words because music reaches heart and soul. Divine music by-passes the intellect-ego differences of gender, caste, language, religion, nationality, or creed. People dance in joy when they hear saints and masters passionate lyrics in devotion to God with lovely melodies and rhythms. The exchange of love between hearts gives such bliss and joy that fosters peace faster than any other form of communication.

Dedicated to my Beloved Guru Lord Meher Baba (Avatar of the Age). Mission is to bring the new wave of God's manifestation on Earth to channel in and raise consciousness through angelic sound to usher in the New Humanity for this New Age. With deepest gratitude to the Divine Mother. The Mary Magdalene Papers are now published and accessed from my Poetry page. May peace prevail on Earth.